Layne  TB

graphic designer | uic mdes ‘22 

Layne TB

graphic designer
sometimes printmaker
educator & coder
open for freelance 


Reader at TYPEFORCE 12

Reader, publication & performance at TYPEFORCE 12, 2022
project by D. Josh Cook, Oscar Solis, and Layne Thue-Bludworth 

How do we make design labor visible?

During this performative exhibition at Typeforce 12, we welcome our audience to participate in a series of typographic experiments that surface the various forms of labor that are often obscured or minimized in the design process while speculating on the future of design labor. Through this series of technological mediations, this publication was created with one critical text from each of three sections engaging in the tradition of urgent publishing: feminist perspectives, radical pedagogy, and queer language.

The programmed typesetter, utilizing basil.js, selects the texts, typesets the copy, and prints out the publication for you. Creative coding programs act as type designer with outputs being executed via a pen plotter.

With four possible texts per section and six different cover options, there are a total of 384 possible versions of this publication. As such, all 200+ produced copies are unique objects.