Layne  TB

graphic designer | uic mdes ‘22 

Layne TB

graphic designer
sometimes printmaker
also educator & coder

associate designer at the
Art Institute of Chicago

open for freelance 


UGH thesis project

UGH, thesis project, 2022
publication & posters

This project reflects on the representation and objectification of women in everyday life. The subject matter is autobiographical—the author is also subject and object. Woman. Daughter. Sister. Human. Model. Photographer. Editor. Designer.

The installation and publication combine meditations on daily life, lists, and experiments with text on and around my body that hope to speak out in favor of feminism in daily life. While this topic is not new, sexism and sexual misconduct persist daily in myriad forms—in offices, homes, schools, bars, stores, on the train and street, during presentations; in any place imaginable. Women have long felt, if not consciously, that our bodies are objects. This project asks that you question objectivity and notice objectification, especially when interacting with these objects. It hopes that you might help others reflect on how we can move forward, together, to a more feminist daily life.