Layne  TB

graphic designer | uic mdes ‘22 

Layne TB

graphic designer
sometimes printmaker
educator & coder
open for freelance 


future archive

UIC futurearchive, conference brand and p5.js explorations, 2023
UIC’s futurearchive (working title) is an upcoming project that will be part library, part archive, part study space. As a collaboration between the School of Architechture and School of Design, the archive will represent both disciplines and, at the moment, grow and change as the final space is developed. Starting this project, I developed typographic logos that would hopefully give a loose direction to the visual identity. The logos use the exiting branding for the CADA and are somewhat modular, reflecting the shifting nature of the project in its infancy, as well as the motions of moving and stacking of books and objects one might participate in at an archive. 

Applications below show conference brandingexplorations with p5.js for an interactive component as well as initial sketches of motion applications.