Layne  TB

graphic designer | uic mdes ‘22 

Layne TB

graphic designer
sometimes printmaker
educator & coder
open for freelance 


The Museum of Undead Art

The Museum of Undead Art, publication & online exhibition, 2021
collaborators: Mariah Nelesen, Oscar Solis, Layne Thue-Bludworth, Yiyi Wang 
project for Documentation Studio with Pouya Ahmadi

The Museum of Undead Art, in conjunction with the Undead Artists of America, is proud to present an exhibition of Undead art that explores zombies’ position within post-humanism. The post-human turn in contemporary discourse is an evasive concept whose scale and measure seem constantly beyond understanding. Post-human theory–from Nietzche and Apolonian knowledge to its center of non-human truths–continues to unravel oppressive and limiting systems of understanding that have long suppressed other forms of ‘knowing.’ The works in this exhibition ask the viewer to question their understanding of the world, to embrace the post-human, and uncouple knowledge from the human experience. What is ‘a priori’ knowledge? What is knowledge? What can we learn independent of the human experience?