Layne  TB

graphic designer | uic mdes ‘22 

Layne TB

graphic designer
sometimes printmaker
uic mdes gd ‘22 


The Museum of  Undead Art

collaborators: Mariah Nelesen, Oscar Solis, Layne TB, Yiyi Wang
publication design: Mariah Nelesen
ticket: Yiyi Wang
virtual exhibition: Oscar Solis

about the exhibition

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The Museum of Undead Art, in conjunction with the Undead Artists of America, is proud to present an exhibition of Undead art that explores zombies’ position within post-humanism. The post-human turn in contemporary discourse is an evasive concept whose scale and measure seem constantly beyond understanding. Post-human theory–from Nietzche and Apolonian knowledge to its center of non-human truths–continues to unravel oppressive and limiting systems of understanding that have long suppressed other forms of ‘knowing.’ The works in this exhibition ask the viewer to question their understanding of the world, to embrace the post-human, and uncouple knowledge from the human experience. What is ‘a priori’ knowledge? What is knowledge? What can we learn independent of the human experience?

Our goal is to bring viewers together, ‘alive’ and undead alike, under the roof of The Museum of Undead Art. We aim to challenge humanist tendencies and engage with post-humanist thought through a broad lens that brings together seemingly dissimilar mediums into the galleries. When we separate ourselves from a limited view of the world and critical knowledge, our understanding of shared experiences brings a new depth of meaning to the works shown here.

Setting aside central human concerns, the Museum of Undead Art serves as a central area to ask these difficult, yet exceptionally relevant, questions. This exhibition of paintings, illustration, posters, found objects, photographs, and writings explores what it means to create art as an undead in our post-human world. Co-curated by four fellows at the MUA–Mariah Nelesen, Oscar Solis, Layne Thue-Bludworth, and Yiyi Wang–this collection of works asks: What kinds of ecstatic revelations can the undead (Zombies to be specific) share? The undead are the human foil; non-rational, soulless, and consumed by appetitive desires.

The endless toil of labor becomes absurdist from the perspective of a zombie. Capitalism, territorial distinctions of nation states, and gender roles all collapse into a straw man that can easily be devoured into nothingness. Yet these works by undead artists clearly paint the picture that these systems of oppression and industry are what should be feared–not the undead themselves.